All visitors must have made an appointment before arriving on site, contact us at 450-263-5300. The bicycle shop is open from 8h30 to 15h45. Thank you for your cooperation

Pleins Rayons offers a variety of learning stations where apprentices can experiment with different tasks depending on their interests. These stations are part of two integration programs recognized by the Ministry of Education.

Thanks to the financial support of Pacte Rural, equipment and materials for a woodworking station were acquired. 

Birdhouse Project 


Pleins Rayons developed a birdhouse-making and installing project aiming at attracting insectivorous birds, like bluebird and tree swallow, to naturally and ecologically control crop pests. The apprentices of Pleins Rayons are responsible for building and installing the birdhouses and collecting the data which are then passed on to the farmers and growers. 


To date, more than 650 birdhouses have been made and installed in the Brome-Missisquoi region. We also provided birdhouses to municipalities and individuals from all over Québec. This project has positive environmental impacts as well, since it allows farmers, growers and municipalities to reduce their use of insecticides. To give just one example, the vineyard L’Orpailleur reduced by at least 70 % the quantity of insecticides used thanks to our birdhouses. 


Our apprentices also made Bat Houses to provide these birds safe shelters, vital to their survival. Bats are excellent neighbours, because they help to control insects in the spring and summer. Pleins Rayons’ apprentices also made kestrels houses, a small falcon whose population has declined due to urbanisation and intensification of cultivation. 


If you wish to do your part in the safeguard of endangered species by purchasing birdhouses, please call us at 450-263-5300! 




Throughout the year, other woodworking projects are initiated such as the fabrication of cutting boards, oven rack push sticks, serving trays, candlesticks, etc. There is no shortage of ideas! 


  • $25 = Birdhouse 
  • $40 = Kestrels House 
  • $100 = Bat House

Pleins Rayons teaches bike mechanics to its apprentices. They repair the used bikes we collect and, when they are too damaged, the good parts are reused and what remains is sent to a metal recovery site. The repaired bikes are given back to the community for free or at reasonable price. To this day, more than 700 bikes have been given to children in need, newcomers or primary and secondary schools to encourage activity among young people. Pleins Rayons’ apprentices participate to the delivery of the bikes and give them to the kids.


At Pleins Rayons, we are putting the 3R in practice: 


• Reuse 

• Recycle

Please note that the bike shop is permanently closed. Thanks for your understanding.

The local community has contributed greatly to the creation of the sewing space through donations of sewing machines, fabrics and sewing accessories. The apprentices learn how to sew by hand and with a sewing machine to make different items such as aprons, reusable bags, pouches, etc. 

They also learn embroidery, working their fine motor skills – and their patience! For some, it is the occasion to unleash their creativity! 

Apprentices are also proud to contribute to the common effort during this pandemic period by making masks.

Pleins Rayons’ apprentices have the opportunity to work in companies to gain work experiences, and thus, identify their areas of interest. 


Through contracts given to Pleins Rayons by companies that believe in our mission, the apprentices also learn to accomplish specific and various tasks. Some of these tasks give the apprentices the occasion to experience what it is like to work on an assembly line. 


Under the supervision of a special care counsellor, the apprentices develop their social and professional skills and learn the basic rules that any worker must follow in a workplace. 


We favour activities that have an environmental or communal significance, like the recycling of sugar bush tubing.

Pleins Rayons initiated an indoor horticulture project. Throughout, the year, the apprentices grow vegetables, fruits and herbs. 

In Summer 2019, in collaboration with Brome-Missisquoi Campus and local growers, apprentices had the opportunity to work in the Campus kitchen to transform food. We then distributed the prepared meals in the community through le Frigo Vert, volunteer centres and schools, giving children and families access to healthy food. 

In Spring 2020, we sold about a hundred tomato, cucumber and pepper plants. As this project was very successful, we intend to widen our product offer for next year! Furthermore, thanks to a donation from Les Chevaliers de Colomb, we bought two greenhouse lights. So next Spring, watch for our new variety of vegetables and herbs for your garden!