The Helping Brigade: a concrete example of our

vision of real social inclusion.

With the financial support of Youth Secretariat, a brigade was created to help people 65 years of age and older by accomplishing outside maintenance tasks at their home. Through this project, the group, composed of 3 apprentices and 1 special care counsellor from Pleins Rayons, has the opportunity to contribute to the society while helping to maintain the independence of Brome-Missisquoi retired persons. 

This type of project allows us to work on apprentices’ social skills, to raise awareness and to create interaction opportunities

During the summer of 2020, the Helping Brigade has offered its services to the population throughout the Brome-Missisquoi region. People were very appreciative of the help the received and were happy to talk to our apprentices, breaking the isolation imposed by the pandemic. 

Some tasks our Brigade can do: 

• weeding 

• raking leaves 

• trimming with shears & picking up branches 

• gardening 

• stacking wood 

• outside clean-up 

• small paint jobs, etc. 


The cost for these services is a voluntary contribution


For more information or to book the services of the Helping Brigade, call us at 450-263-5300. Looking forward to hear from you! 


* Please note that Pleins Rayons can refuse some tasks.


Each endeavor taken at Pleins Rayons has a direct impact in the community and allows the participants to grow, experience achievement, and most importantly, earn satisfying recognition.



Pleins Rayons is constantly innovating as it seeks to offer quality services and activities for its apprentices. Also, each project has a positive environmental impact in the region through the recycling of material (bikes, wood, clothing, fabric, metal, etc.). For example, our bird house making project has made it easier for farmers to attract insectivorous birds.



Meaningful projects give the apprentices the opportunity to gain practical socio-professional skills. The approach enables to build upon each apprentice acquired knowledge and strengths by aiming self-fulfillment through social inclusion or hiring. The apprentices can also express their creativity through our various services, helping projects, and items creation or restauration for our community.