All visitors must have made an appointment before arriving on site, contact us at 450-263-5300. The bicycle shop is open from 8h30 to 15h45. Thank you for your cooperation


Fondation de Claire et Jean Pierre Léger

Adam Lumber

Alva Foundation

Captain Melville Greenshield Memorial Funds

McKeown Cidre

Club de vélo Sutton

Fondation J.A. DeSève

Groupe St-Louis


Rona Cowansville

Toyota Cowansville

Claire Léger

Dr Sydney Duder

Rita Lanthier

Helgi Soutar

Dr Carolyn L. Kerrigan

David S. Greenwood

Martha Hallward,

Lorraine Briscoe

Raye Briscoe

Diane Blais


Each endeavor taken at Pleins Rayons has a direct impact in the community and allows the participants to grow, experience achievement, and most importantly, earn satisfying recognition.



Pleins Rayons is constantly innovating as it seeks to offer quality services and activities for its apprentices. Also, each project has a positive environmental impact in the region through the recycling of material (bikes, wood, clothing, fabric, metal, etc.). For example, our bird house making project has made it easier for farmers to attract insectivorous birds.



Meaningful projects give the apprentices the opportunity to gain practical socio-professional skills. The approach enables to build upon each apprentice acquired knowledge and strengths by aiming self-fulfillment through social inclusion or hiring. The apprentices can also express their creativity through our various services, helping projects, and items creation or restauration for our community.


Together, let's dare inclusion to have a richer society!

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