Why give?

To enable young adults with disabilities to be socially included and to actively contribute to the well-being of their community by breaking their isolation.

Financial donations

Pleins Rayons depends on the generous support of its donors in order to work towards its mission of the social inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities or autism spectrum disorder.

Upon request, a tax receipt will be issued for donations of $25 and more.

Testamentary donations

A testamentary donation can be made through your will whereby Pleins Rayons is to be given a specific amount of your choosing from your estate upon your death.

Another way to donate is through a life insurance policy. This involves having Pleins Rayons named as a beneficiary of the life insurance policy.
For more information, please contact us or your financial advisor.

Donations of used materials and articles

Pleins Rayons promotes the recycling of materials to reduce waste. Below is a list of materials we look for:

  • - Sewing articles
  • - Wood
  • - Woodworking tools
  • - Mechanic tools
  • - Bicycle parts
  • - Used bicycles


Pleins Rayons wishes to highlight the great generosity of its “start-up” donors. Thanks to them, an amount of $113 000 was given each year for three years until Pleins Rayons could gain some momentum and support from the greater community. You have made it possible for these young adults to have an important role in their community. We could not have done it without you! 

Adam Lumber, Alva Foundation, Bruno Poirier, Captain Melville Greenshield Memorial Funds; Cidrerie Mckeown; Claire Kerrigan; Claire Léger; Club de vélo Sutton; David Greenwood; Diane Blais, Diane St-Onges; Denis Houle; Dr Carolyn L Kerrigan; Dr Sydney Duder; Fondation Claire et Jean-Pierre Léger, Fondation J-A DeSève, Groupe St-Louis, Helgi Soutar, Lorraine Briscoe, Martha Hallward, Marie Lavergne, Marion Turmine, Michèle Goodhue, Proconstruc, Raye Briscoe, Rita Lanthier, Rona Cowansville, Toyota Cowansville