The History of Pleins Rayons

In 2015, parents from the greater Brome-Missisquoi region were desperately seeking alternatives for their children with an intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorder. They considered that their children were not stimulated enough and do not have an active social role which made them worried about their future.

“What will happen when we, the parents, are no longer there?” Needs are becoming increasingly acute. There is virtually no stimulating service for a grown child over 21 years old and for their families or caregivers. Both autistic youth and youth with an intellectual disability are often blocked from becoming contributing members of society. The wait for specialized services is often endless. Therefore, this forces one of the parents to stay home to monitor their child with a disability.

Michael Herman, one of the founders of Sugar Hill Bush, sensitive to the needs of the community, would like to work with his family to set up a used bicycle repair program and distribute bicycles to schools for children who are less fortunate. Through a school principal, Michael meets with Stéphan Marcoux, a trained recreationist, who is already working in Cowansville with Myriam de Coussergues, a specialized educator. They are working on programs to improve the active social role of young adults with an intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorder who are having difficulties finding their place in the system.

All the components are then reunited to create Pleins Rayons.

Young adults will not only develop fine motor skills, by repairing bikes, but also acquire social vocational skills that they can use later. When they finish their work, these young adults return the repaired bicycles to underprivileged children in local schools. Gradually, other learning stations are added, and the parents of the young adults take pleasure in getting involved because with Pleins Rayons they find the support they need so one day their child can be autonomous. People from the community, schools and health professions also take part in the new process.

Today, there is more then 50 people, each week, who develop social vocational habits which allow them to develop and gain confidence in themselves. Pleins Rayons is supported by private donors, foundations and the town of Cowansville.

Thank you to the Herman family, to our first donors, all the parents who have been involved, and thank you to everyone who has been there since the beginning and never doubted us. Thanks to all of you, Pleins Rayons can pursuing the mission and let young adults benefit from it.

En bref

  • December 2015: Foundation

  • November 2016: Prix À Part Entière (Insérer photos du prix)

  • October 2017: Laureate at the Gala of Excellence, Category: Non-Profit Organization (Insérer photos du prix)

  • July 2018: Obtaining charitable status.

  • January 2019: Project creation for ¨socio-professional integration¨ in collaboration with the Brome-Missisquoi Campus.

  • March 2019: Project creation for ¨social integration¨ in collaboration with the Brome-Missisquoi Campus.