Humanitarian & Environmental Aspect 

Our organization has a valuable and positive impact in the community and the environment. We are dedicated to respecting the environment by reducing waste, reusing materials, and recycling. Our distribution of bicycles and stationary bicycles in MRC Brome-Missisquoi schools help students be active and increase their concentration in class. Since the beginning of our birdhouse project, 6 vineyards and 2 vegetable farms have been provided with bird houses which help maintain the bird population, contribute to reducing the insects’ harmful effects on crops, as well, are an excellent tourist attraction.

Our participants can be proud of their essential contribution in these social economic projects and demonstrate an invaluable benevolence in their community. Moreover, participation in these activities creates opportunities to practice their social skills, reinforce their self-esteem, and their motivation, in order to become better integrated active citizens in the community. Pleins Rayons, then, is the link and the vehicle of social inclusion between the individual living with an ASD/ID and the community.