Helping Brigade

With the financial assistance of the Youth Secretariat, a brigade has been created to help people aged 65 and over in their homes. The group is made up of full-time apprentices who want to contribute to society and be more active in this way. The brigade offers to perform maintenance tasks outside the home of people aged 65 and over from spring to fall, four days a week.


If you are interested, call us at 450-263-5300 for more information or to reserve the services of the assisting brigade.


* Note that Pleins Rayons reserves the right to refuse any task.


Every endeavor undertaken at Pleins Rayons has a direct impact in the community. This means participants grow, experience achievement, and most importantly earn satisfying recognition.



Also, each project has a positive environmental impact in the region through the recycling of material (bikes, wood, clothing, fabric, metal, etc.). For example our bird houses making project has made it easer for farmers to attract birds that eat the crop eating insects under control.



Our aim is to shine a light on their individual strengths and abilities so they can reach their full potential as a member of their community. Furthermore our participants get to express their creativity through these projects and see their ideas incorporated.