Bird Houses



Thanks to a generous donation of $15 000 from the Pacte Rural Brome-Missiquoi, Pleins Rayons has been able to develop a wood working workshop to build birdhouses for insectivorous birds, including swallows and the Eastern blue bird.

Our objective is to build and install 600 bird houses in a year. We currently have installed birdhouses at 6 vineyards and 2 vegetable farms. The goal of the bird houses is to install them in the agricultural regions in the spring, and attract insectivorous birds. This in turn should help counter the harmful effects of insects on crops, and diminish the use of insecticides. A pilot project realized by Stephan Marcoux and Myriam de Coussergues was very successful in diminishing the use of insecticides at the Vignoble de l’Orpailleur. Our bird house project is a wonderful opportunity for our participants to learn multiple skills as they are responsible for building, installing, and maintaining the birdhouses, as well as, studying the occupation levels.  Furthermore, Ornithologist Bertrand Hamel has taken a great interest in our project.

If you are interested in participating in this ecological project that will have a positive environmental impact and could make a huge difference in our region, our bird houses are ready and available for $15 each. Thank you for your support.